Correction of the external ear



Protruding ears often disturb self-esteem, especially in children. A correction of the ears is in such cases not only of aesthetic value but also psychologically sensible.
But even adults sometimes have the need to put their ears.

The aim of the surgery is to improve the angle between the head and ear and to obtain or achieve a natural auricle shape. For this purpose, various techniques are available that would be too confusing to list in detail. Basically, the procedure is performed from the back of the ear, so that the inevitable scar is not visible. The operation lasts about 20 to 30 minutes per ear and is very good for adults to perform in local anesthesia, possibly combined with a twilight sleep. For a few days, a headband-like bandage must be worn afterwards.
Just as little as two ears are absolutely symmetrical before surgery, they often will not be the same as a mirror after surgery. With slight, barely noticeable asymmetries one must expect.

Pain after a ear donning plastic are very rare and easy to control by mild painkillers.
To avoid infections, an antibiotic is administered during the operation.

Overall, the complication rate in this procedure is very low and the postoperative result convincing.

If you are interested in an intervention, you can arrange a meeting appointment at the telephone number below. You then have the opportunity to discuss the procedure as well as your wishes and expectations in detail with the surgeon. This will inform you in detail about the possibilities and limitations of surgical treatment. This explanation includes not only the nature, meaning and consequences of the procedure in its essential features, but also the reference to the possible complications, as they u. a. also described above. You also have the opportunity and the clinic to visit.

At the beginning of the doctor-patient contact is a detailed consultation. In this an analysis is carried out e.g. the nose, I explain in detail the operation method, take a detailed position on risks and the healing process and can then also make statements on the prospects of success. Only then should you decide on a possible operation.

How important a detailed and honest consultation is can only judge who gets it!

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