Facial treatment

with hyaluronic acid


Wrinkles and crinkles – defining or annoying?

The individual countenance creates the facial wrinkles. Those wrinkles influence the character and the general physical appereance of every single face. Depending on the wrinkle’s form and location, a thoughtful, sad, angry or tired facial expression can develop. To correct those wrinkles and scars, an implanation of different compounds is available, besides the operative treatments.

Hyaluronic acid

Hylaform / Restylane is an application consisting of crosslinked hyaluronmolecules. Hyaluronic acid is a natural nutrient, which occurs in the human cell tissue, also in the skin itself. In all tissues of every living organisms, the hyaluronic acid is chemically, physically and biologically identical.
An allergy testing is not required!
Hylaform is injected into the tissue to fill  the intercellular space with a space-filling, viscoelastic supplement. The addition of that material can correct the skin’s strain which was caused by sinked scars and wrinkles. Hylaform is very promising when it comes to curing skin deformation (wrinkles, scars), especially when they are caused by the natural aging process.
Depending on the type of skin and the kind of skin strain, the best results are to expect in areas where the defects are easily stretchy and the strains can be corrected by stretching the skin.  

Hylaform is implanted in the skin with a thin needle. Tempo and rate of the correction’s regression depend on the patient, the treatment are and the cause of the defect.
To ensure a long-term correction it is necessary to repeat the injection from time to time (after 6 to 12 months).

Hylaform- injections cause a temporary pain and can bring out minimal effusions of blood. If necessary, a local anaesthesia can prevent the pain.
At circa 1% of the patients, local swellings occur which fade away however after a few days. In less than 0,5% of these cases, an itching in adition to the swelings occured, which disapperared after a month.
Patients with acute or chronic skin diseases in or in close proximity to the treatment area can not be treated with hyaluronic acid!

The success of the treament lasts for 4 to 6 momths, often even longer.

At the beginning of the doctor-patient-contact is a detailed consulting, in which an analysis for example of the nose follows, I explicitly explain the method of the operation, tell you in –depth about risks and the process of healing and after all that, I can give a statement about the chance of success. Only then, after all that, you should make a decision about a possible  operation.
Only patients who get a detailled and honest consulting know how important it is!

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