Facial treatment

with Botox®


Wrinkles and crinkles – defining or annoying?

The individual countenance creates the facial wrinkles. Those wrinkles influence the character and the general physical appereance of every single face. Depending on the wrinkle’s form and location, a thoughtful, sad, angry or tired facial expression can develop. To correct those wrinkles and scars, an implanation of different compounds is available, besides the operative treatments.


Botox is used by eye doctors to eliminate convulsions of the eyelid for many years. Botox is a crystalline proteincomplex consisting of Clostridium botulinum Toxin Type A and several carrier substances. It blocks the transmittance between the nerves by preventing the release of Acethylcholin und causes reversible paralysis of the voluntary muscles.
Frown wrinkles, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet wrinkles are removed with Botox since 1994.

Specific injections with 0,1ml Botox (a hundred times diluted and therefore not poisonous!) to the muscles lead to a temporary quiescence without having a functional impairment. The impact happens after 3-5 days after the treatment. The injection sites should not get in contact with water for 8 hours afterwards.

A slight pressure to the head can occur after the treatment. A minimal effusion of blood is very unusual, but can be covered by make-up anyways. Botox allergies are not known, an infection effectively impossible.
If you are interested in an operation, please contact us under the phone number given above and arrange and appointment with us. You will have the possibility to talk about your wishes and expectations, as well as about the procedure in general, directly with the operator. The surgeon will tell you about the potentialities and limits of that operative therapy. This enlightenment contains not just type, meaning and consequences of the operation but also the consideration about the possible complications like you have seen above. You also have the oppurtinity to take a closer look on the clinic.

The success of the treament lasts for 4 to 6 momths, often even longer.

At the beginning of the doctor-patient-contact is a detailed consulting, in which an analysis for example of the nose follows, I explicitly explain the method of the operation, tell you in –depth about risks and the process of healing and after all that, I can give a statement about the chance of success. Only then, after all that, you should make a decision about a possible  operation.

Only patients who get a detailled and honest consulting know how important it is!

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