Eyelid tightening



Dependend on heredity or age, a lot of people tend to have pouches with deep sulci and wrinkles in the lower eyelid area. This causes a faded and sad looking facial expression. The pouche consists of bulgy fat tissue from the eye socket, which could not be hold back to the socket due to weakened band structures.

Upper eyelid operations

Over the years, some people get a histoid excess between the upper eyelid and the eyebrow caused by a reduce of the skin’s elasticity. This is known as a ’hooded eye’. which can, depending on the  form, limit the visual field. It usually causes a heavy, tired facial expression which is not matching with the sense of life.

Women often moan about not being able to makeup their eyelashes since the mascara always smudges at the skin excess on the upper eyelid.
The first signs of the aging process usually occur at the eyelids. The aim of the operation is to regive your fresh-faced look by removing the excess skin.

The operationcuts run on the upper lid along the  natural wrinkle, on the lower eyelid circa 2mm under the edge of the eyelid. The cuts reach further than the outer corners of the eye do, they end in a laughter line when operating on the lower eyelid. Where cuts are made, scars are created. The development of the scars depend –as always- on the skin’s tendency to heal, but usually has a very positive outcome. That means, rednesses and swellings of the scars as well as of the surrrounding skin are usually gone after a little time. The scar on the upper eyelid is located on the skin envelope fold, so just visiblewith a closed eye, the lower eyelid’s scar can, if necessary, be covered with make-up.

As with all operations, infections and after-bleedings are possible, bu tvery rare.

Like two eyes are very unlikely to be absolutely symmetric prior to the operation, they will be afterwards. You have to expect minimal, slightly visible asymmetrics.
A rare but possible incident can be a shortening of the lower eyelid, oftenly caused by scarry contraction process of the skin or muscles of the eyelid.

A blue coloration of the skin always occurs after the operation. Eyes which tended to redness and dryness, can be enhanced after the operation, but most of the time just temporary.

At the beginning of the doctor-patient-contact is a detailed consulting, in which an analysis for example of the nose follows, I explicitly explain the method of the operation, tell you in –depth about risks and the process of healing and after all that, I can give a statement about the chance of success. Only then, after all that, you should make a decision about a possible  operation.

Only patients who get a detailled and honest consulting know how important it is!

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